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SomnoDent® Info

If you have been diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), the revolutionary new SomnoDent oral sleep appliance may be able to help. As an alternative treatment to CPAP therapy, this comfortable, durable, and effective appliance will move your lower jaw into a comfortable position, giving you a safe and relaxing night’s sleep.

How it Works

The SomnoDent appliance works to treat OSA by gently advancing the lower jaw forward, which will keep your airway open. By simply wearing your SomnoDent while asleep, the tissues in the back of your throat will relax, and the appliance will ensure that the base of your tongue doesn’t collapse or block your airway.
Your appliance will be custom-made to fit your unique mouth. It consists of both a lower and upper splint what will cover your teeth and will advance your lower jaw during the treatment process. As the jaw moves forward, it will help your airway to stay open so that you can breathe easier, sleep comfortably for longer periods of time, and reach a deep, REM sleep.

Why You Should Try SomnoDent

SomnoDent is a highly effective OSA treatment option. Approximately 91% of patients that use the system report improvements with their sleep quality, and most people find it easy to comply with using the device regularly. Other benefits include:

  • Easily adjustable. You’ll be able to advance your jaw as far forward as possible when you wear the device.
  • Customized. This appliance will be manufactured from dental impressions of your teeth. The end result is a unique custom-fit for greatest comfort.
  • Adaptable. Even if you have crowns, bridgework, or missing teeth, the system can be adapted to match your mouth structure.
  • Combination use. If your doctor wants you to use other OSA therapies – such as a CPAP – you can use your SomnoDent in combination.

Contact us today to learn more about SomnoDent and whether it might be a good option to treat your OSA.