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i-CAT® 3D Imaging

At Complete Dental, we use i-CAT 3D dental imaging to provide the most accurate diagnostics for our patients. This innovative system offers quick, effective, and comfortable dental imaging solutions that can lead to the most precise diagnosis of your dental issue.

i-CAT 3D Imaging Uses

Our 3D imaging technology provides data for a variety of dental services. In our practice, we can use i-CAT for more information about a variety of dental problems, including wisdom teeth extractions, impacted teeth, and TMJ treatment. However, there are many ways that these cans can be used in the field of dentistry:

  • Assess jawbone quality before the placement of a dental implant
  • Determine the location of nerves in the jaw
  • Measure jawbone dentistry before an implant is placed
  • Determine the most effective location for implant placement
  • Plan surgical procedures in advance
  • Inspect the TMJ, jawbone, and surrounding structures
  • View impacted teeth, including wisdom teeth, before extraction
  • Diagnose disease and tumors during the early stages

Using i-CAT 3D Technology

Scans using this technology are completed quickly. You’ll be required to sit in a stationary position, and then a cone beam will take hundreds of pictures of your face. These images are then compiled in order to create an exact 3D image of your jaw, face, and other inner mechanisms. Your dentist will be able to zoom into specific areas and can view problem spots from alternate angles.
Benefits of i-CAT® 3D Imaging
There are many benefits to the use of 3D imaging in a dental practice. These scans allow your dentist to view the internal structures of your teeth, jaw, face, and skull. Unlike other imaging options, 3D imaging will allow your dentist to view bone structure, tissues, nerves, and bone dentistry, which can’t be viewed with a comprehensive exam. 3D imaging is also quick, which means that it uses far less radiation than traditional imaging options.
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