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From chewing to smiling, your teeth serve many important functions. So, if you are living with tooth loss, it is time to consult with Complete Dental to learn more about dentures.

Partial Dentures

A partial denture is a removable appliance that is held in place by gripping or fitting into the adjacent, natural teeth. They are typically made from a combination of acrylic materials and a metal framework. They are a good option for patients with several consecutively missing teeth, as long as you have some natural teeth remaining.

Partial Denture Candidates

To be a candidate for partial dentures, you’ll need to have healthy bone tissue. You must also have at least one remaining tooth in the lower or upper jaw to support the appliance.
Caring for Your Partial Dentures
Proper care of your partial dentures will extend the life of your appliance. Partials can last for many years as long as they are properly cleaned and stored. It is also important to have your partial denture inspected by your dentist regularly.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are removable, prosthetic teeth that are set into a gum-colored, plastic base. These dentures will sit on top of the gum ridge to provide a new, full set of teeth. 
Complete Denture Candidates
There are severe reasons why you might want to pursue complete dentures:

  • All of your teeth are missing
  • You want to restore your ability to chew
  • You want to restore your smile to its natural appearance
  • You are in need of an affordable solution to correct your tooth loss

Living with Complete Dentures

It is important to note that complete dentures will require a few important lifestyle changes. Your dentist can help you understand how to clean your appliance, what foods you can eat, and how to properly bond your denture to the gum ridge.

If you are interested in partial or complete dentures, call us at Complete Dental today to learn more.