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Dental Exams and Cleanings

Your oral health is important for the well being of your whole body. While routine oral hygiene at home – including regular brushing and flossing – are crucial to keep your smile looking its best, you also need regular evaluations with your dentist. Routine dental exams and cleanings will help to prevent decay, gum disease, and other oral health issues and will leave you with a healthy, white smile.

Comprehensive Dental Exams

Our comprehensive dental exams are used to look for signs of a problem, and regular screenings can detect issues while they are in the early – and most treatable – stages. A regular exam with your dentist and hygienist will include:

  • Examinations of X-rays. Usually completed once per year, x-rays will help to identify signs of decay, cysts, bone loss, and tumors. They also show root and tooth positions.
  • Gum disease evaluation. We will inspect the gums around the teeth to look for any gum disease indicators.
  • Tooth decay examination. We thoroughly inspect all tooth surfaces with specialized instruments to look for signs of decay.
  • Restoration examinations. If you have any fillings or crowns, they should be checked regularly to ensure they are still intact.
  • Oral cancer screenings. We will examine oral and facial structures for any signs of oral cancer.

Professional Cleanings

Often completed at the same time as your comprehensive exam, a dental cleaning is usually performed by a dental hygienist. The main procedures performed will include:

  • Plaque removal. Your hygienist will work to remove the sticky, translucent film that forms on your teeth and results in gum inflammation – the first step to periodontal disease development.
  • Tartar removal. When plaque hardens it forms tartar, which can only be removed with specialized dental instruments. It can also form below the gum line, and your hygienist will remove it.
  • Polishing. Finally, your hygienist will polish your teeth to remove the plaque and stains that aren’t otherwise removed during scaling and brushing.

At Complete Dental, we want your smile to last a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule your next dental exam and cleaning.