dental implantsHaving any missing teeth is not good for your overall health, let alone your oral health. It can cause your jawbone and gums to deteriorate, leading to issues like tooth loss, gum disease, teeth that do not come together naturally, and pain. Instead of living with gaps in your smile, you can opt to get a bridge, partial, dentures, or a dental implant. Implants are the best way to restore your smile if you have a missing tooth. There are many benefits you get from the procedure. If you aren’t sure what those benefits are, here is a look at them.

You Get to Feel More Natural When You Get Dental Implants

One of the biggest benefits of getting dental implants is their natural look and feel. They are the same basic process that your teeth naturally have, so they act just like your natural teeth once did. The implant support is put into your gums and jaw, just like the roots of your natural teeth. Then, the implant is placed on top of the support, just like your natural tooth sat on top of your roots. This means that when you use your tooth, it stimulates your gums like a natural tooth would, and that it has the same type of security that a natural tooth does.

Eating and Speaking Are More Natural with Dental Implants

When someone gets dentures, their most common complaint revolves around the fit. They are either tight and causing soreness, or they are a bit loose. This means they can slip around in your mouth, causing things like trouble eating specific foods and slurred speech. These are not issues with dental implants. Since they are fused with your jaw, they do not slip around, nor are they too tight. They will feel just like your original tooth did, and function in much the same way. You can eat the foods you love, smile at anyone around, and speak with confidence when you have dental implants. No more worrying about the embarrassment that may come with dentures.

You Look Better with Dental Implants in Place

As mentioned, when you have gaps between your teeth, it can lead to a number of issues. These issues can change the shape of your face. Have you ever noticed that when someone has dentures, their face tends to look sunken and they usually look older? This is because of the jaw deterioration and disintegration. When you get implants instead of leaving the gap, your jaw bone stays strong and healthy, and you avoid this look. This can help you look younger. Plus, having no gaps helps you be more confident when you speak and when you smile.

Your Oral Health Remains Better with Dental Implants, Too

One of the most important benefits that comes along with getting dental implants is the boost to your oral health. Since your mouth would be exposed to things like jaw deterioration, this means your jawbone is not as strong or as dense. You could struggle with gum disease from even a single gap in your teeth. The remaining teeth could begin to shift, causing pain and tooth misalignment. All of these things can be avoided by getting dental implants as soon as the natural tooth is lost.

Dental implants are a great way to help restore missing teeth. They last for a very long time, they help you look and feel better, and they keep your mouth healthy. If you want to be able to have the type of smile that others see and can’t help but smile back, then consider getting dental implants to replace any open gaps you have in your smile.