lady with dry mouthDo you regularly wake up in the morning and your mouth feels pasty? This could be the result of dry mouth. If you also struggle to keep your oral tissues moist during the day, then you need to make sure you speak with us at your next visit, or schedule one if you do not have one in the near future. There are several causes of dry mouth, but they all tend to lead to the same basic issues with your mouth. We can often keep those issues at bay, but we can only do so if we know there is a problem.

Some Common Causes of Dry Mouth

Many different things can cause dry mouth. Consuming anything with alcohol is a big culprit. This is not just drinking booze, either. You may be consuming alcohol if you are using a mouthwash that contains alcohol, too. This is one of the reasons we suggest using an antibacterial mouthwash without any alcohol in it. Alcohol dries out the mouth and it takes a significant period of time for the mouth to recover.

Some medications can also lead to dry mouth. If you get placed on a new medication and suddenly find yourself struggling with dry mouth, call us or call the physician that prescribed it. They may be able to change your prescription to something else where that is not a side effect you have to face.

The weather can also lead to dry mouth. During hot summer months, many people spend time in the air conditioning. During the cold winter months, the air is incredibly dry. Both of these conditions can lead directly to dry mouth, which can cause a wide range of problems with your mouth.

Effects of Having Dry Mouth

One of the biggest effects of dry mouth is an increase in cavities. This is because the saliva your mouth is lacking, would normally neutralize some of the acids you eat while also washing some leftover particles from the food you ate, away. Without that saliva there, incidences of having cavities increase, and you wind up needing more fillings.

Your mouth and lips are much more likely to hurt if you have dry mouth. The moisture in your mouth is responsible for keeping your oral tissues moist and healthy. When your mouth is too dry, tissues begin to stick, which can lead to oral sores. Your lips will also dry out, typically causing cracking and bleeding to occur. Your mouth is likely going to feel tight, which may make speaking more difficult as well.

Gum disease and halitosis are also likely going to be much larger problems if you struggle with chronic dry mouth. Having it for a day here or there will not do much. However, having an issue with too little saliva regularly means that there is not anything there to help restore the minerals and nutrients to your mouth the way it should. This can lead to diseases to pop up since your mouth will not have the tools to fight those diseases off. This can cause pain, gum recession, and even lead to tooth loss.

If you want us to take a look, then give us a call. If you know you struggle with dry mouth already, then call and set up an appointment with us to figure out what type of treatment will help you most. We want to help keep your oral health as high as we possibly can. Call us today so we can work with you to make your dry mouth a thing of the past.