healty teethWhile not everyone gets to the point of needing dentures, many people will have either partial or full dentures in their lifetime. In fact, by 2020, an estimated 38 million of adults in the United States alone will need dentures. If you want to avoid getting dentures, or at least put it off as long as you can, then see if any of these signs ring true for you. If they do, come in and see us so we can help you get your oral health under control!

Do You Keep Your Dental Appointments Every Six Months?

When you go to the dentist every six months like is recommended, your chances of having to wear dentures down the line drop. That is because of how much easier it is to mend a problem when it is a small problem. Should you go without seeing the dentist often enough, those problems grow. Many times, the result of this growing problem is heavy-duty tooth decay and tooth loss. If you want to avoid dentures, come in and see us like you are supposed to. It will help!

Do Your Teeth Move Around?

If you want to avoid dentures, then you need to make sure you take note when things change around in your mouth. For your teeth to shift slowly, is somewhat natural if your teeth are still developing or if you have something like your wisdom teeth coming in. However, if you notice that your teeth are moving and that is not the case, this could signal a major problem that needs treatment. This can be anything from your bite not coming together the same way to gaps in your mouth changing sizes. If you notice these things, call us. We need you to come in and get checked out before you suffer from tooth loss.

Do You Have Early Signs of Gum Disease?

Gum disease is a very prevalent problem, but it is also one that is nearly completely preventable. When you have swelling in your gums, bleeding when you brush your teeth, or your gums are a much darker shade of pink or red than they used to be, you likely have gingivitis. The sooner you can come in to begin your treatment, the less damage this disease is going to do to your mouth. If you neglect gum disease when it is in its early stages, it is going to progressively get worse. As it gets worse, it is going to cause larger amounts of damage. If it goes on long enough, it will result in tooth loss, which will require you to get a partial denture at the very least.

Do You Have a Toothache, or Recurring Toothaches?

If you currently have a toothache, or get recurring toothaches, that is your body’s way of trying to tell you that there is a problem. This pain often stems from decay, after it has made its way to the center, or nerve, of the affected tooth. This pain is going to progressively get worse until it is dealt with. If you get the tooth cared for early, it can often be saved. However, if you ignore this pain or do not get it checked as you should, it typically results in losing the tooth.

If your goal is to avoid getting dentures as long as possible, then the first thing you need to do is care for your teeth each day. A close second is coming in to see us every six months so we can keep your teeth as healthy as possible.