woman with toothache

A toothache can arise due to a variety of reasons. Abnormal growths, cavities, loose or wisdom teeth are just some of the causes. On a scale of 1 to 10, these pains can vary but they are usually in the high regions making them extremely unbearable. It is hard to relax and a person can focus on nothing else except getting rid of the toothache as soon as possible. Now, like the sources of the pain, remedies can also vary.

There are both short term and long-term solutions. The short-term remedies can be either home based or prescribed by a certified dental practitioner. Long-term solutions to toothaches revolve around caring for your teeth to make sure that problem like cavities or loose teeth are minimized for as long as possible. Huntsville family dentistry lays out a guide to the causes and remedies for toothaches:


There can be a number of causes for toothaches. Some have been mentioned in the opening paragraphs however, it is important to shed some light on them for clarification. The most common causes of toothaches include:

  • Tooth decay and abscesses: A study that was conducted on a worldwide sample of 5 million people during a period of two decades, found that nearly half of them suffered from untreated tooth decay. The slow erosion of the teeth gives rise to extreme pains,
  • Gum diseases: The pain receptors in the mouth are located in the gums, which mean that you feel toothache when it puts pressure on them. Gums can become inflamed due to infections or start bleeding giving rise to pains that make you restless,
  • Temperature sensitivity: Caused by the erosion of enamel deposits on the surface of the teeth, this is another leading cause of toothaches. It usually begins when hot or cold liquid meets the oral cavity and then leaves you extremely restless for a certain period.

There are other causes of toothaches like dental alignments including braces or fillings etc. but these are pains that only last a little while.


The solutions for toothaches vary. You can pick the most appropriate ones depending on your situation. The long-term remedies, however, are crucial and highly recommended because without them, toothaches become inevitable. Moreover, if you have suffered from this pain before, you know you do not want to again.

                  Short term remedies

A number of medicines and home remedies are available to provide almost instant relief from a terrible toothache. These include:

  • Clove oil: Oils extracted from cloves or placing a piece of cloth in the affected area can immediately cause the pain to subside. They work by numbing the nerves in the area to reduce the suffering. It is important to note that the ideal way to apply clove oil is using two drops on a piece of cotton. Directly dropping the oil on the affected area can actually elevate the pain,
  • Ice pack: Ice is another traditional agent that helps to numb the nerves in areas where toothaches are arising from. You can either apply a bag of ice from the outside or place a cube of ice from the inside to reduce the pain.

Long term remedies

These might be obvious but a staggering amount of people tends to ignore them. The importance only becomes known when their tooth start to ache so badly that it causes them to jump up in pain. Long-term solutions to toothaches are regular brushing, flossing at least once a day and visiting a dentist regularly. If you practice these three things regularly, most of the causes of toothaches are eliminated.

Huntsville family dentistry offers you extensive solutions for toothaches. However, regular visits and following the dentist’s advice is crucial.