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“Baby teeth are with us longer than people think. People think if a baby tooth gets decay, that’s okay because the tooth is disposable. But the last ones don’t leave until kids are about 12.”

May Hayes

This perception that a child ignoring their dental health is fine is basically flawed. According to statistics, tooth decay is the most common teeth related ailment in children. And once they develop this disease it tends to stay with them for the rest of their lives. It is estimated that children miss roughly 3 – 6 days of school every year because of dental health issues. This is an alarming statistic especially considering the fact that most of the causes to this are controllable.

In order to ensure that your children stay away from oral ailments from an early age, Huntsville Family Dentistry emphasizes a few things they have to be taught. More importantly, these things have to be made a part of their routine because once they develop them as a habit; they stay with them for a long time.

1.    The effective way of brushing their teeth

Yes, the primary thing is to teach them to brush twice a day but more important is to teach them the appropriate way to do this. It is alarming that even a large number of adults are unaware of the proper technique to brush their teeth. The idea is to get rid of all the plaque that accumulates on and between the teeth. And no, vigorous brushing is not the answer. On the contrary, it damages the enamel surface of your teeth. The best way is to slightly turn the brush towards the gum and brush in circles. Do this for approximately 30 seconds in each quadrant depending on the age and number of teeth your kid has.

2.    The importance of brushing

It is said that kids don’t listen to us, they imitate us. Therefore, instead of teaching them the importance of brushing, show it to them. Make it a routine to brush with them and while you’re at it, teach them why it is essential to look after their teeth. Remnants from food particles can become a breeding ground for germs, giving rise to tooth decay, gum inflammation and other respective diseases that can cause teeth to loosen or fall out completely.

This has a profound impact on not only your kid’s smile but also their ability to smile in public. It impacts children’s self confidence because they know people look awkwardly at their damaged teeth. As a result, kids avoid smiling openly in front of others.

3.    Regular dental checkups are also essential

Yes, even for children. There are some dental health problems that don’t result from neglect in oral care. These ailments can be genetic or caused by other abnormalities. A dentist can spot these before they have the chance to grow but only if you take your children for a regular dental visit. Not only does this ‘stitch in time save nine’ but it also inculcates a habit in the children that visiting a dentist is important. So, as they grow up they keep this in mind and visit Huntsville Family Dentistry clinics at regular intervals.