man and woman drinking waterYour teeth don’t drink, so why is water so incredibly important to your teeth? It is actually for quite a few reasons. While your teeth do not need water to soak into them, your gums do. Plus, the water you drink also washes off your teeth. On top of that, when you drink water from the tap, you are likely also ingesting fluoride, which helps prevent cavities. Most people do not drink enough water. It can be difficult for most people to get in eight glasses of water per day. However, there are other ways of getting more water into your diet.

Foods Can Help with Water Intake

There are quite a few foods that also boost how much water your body gets. The ideal food for this process is produce. It can be fruits or vegetables in most cases, but vegetables offer more water, plus more nutritional benefit. Each time you eat produce, it helps to brush extra tartar off of your teeth. Plus, it also infuses your teeth with all of the nutrients that you find in the produce. Consider some of these options when you want to boost your water and nutritional intake through produce:

  • Celery
  • Lettuce
  • Watermelon
  • Cucumbers
  • Peppers
  • Tomatoes

Each of these items are full of water, and full of nutrients that your body needs anyway. The more of them you add into your daily diet, the more water you get without actually having to remember to drink another cup.

Pick and Choose Your Drinks

If you don’t want to drink just water, there are other drinks you can have that will still boost how much water you do drink. Tea is one of the healthiest drinks for you on the planet. Plus, it’s almost entirely water. If you consume this regularly, you can add this into the water you have each day, and cut down on how much straight water you need to have to hit that ideal water mark.

Adding in flavored ice is another way of making water consumption a bit more fun. Plain water is not ideal in terms of flavor for most people. However, it can be difficult to add in flavor without adding in unnecessary calories or sugar. If you want to add in something a bit different, try adding in homemade ice cubes with different flavors. Take some of your favorite fruits, and make them into ice cubes. Then, add them into your water. This means that as they melt, you get the flavor you want, while still getting the water you need. Strawberries and other berries in general are a great option for this.

You can also opt for things like fruit-infused water or sparkling water if you want a different approach. Having water with a little bit of flavor can really help when it comes to getting you to drink more. Your mouth, along with the rest of your body need it. So, whenever you need a bit of inspiration, try giving yourself a natural flavor boost.

What matters most is that you get enough water per day. Your teeth get exposed to plenty of sugars, acids, and other potentially damaging things each day. Keep them cleaner and healthier by making sure that you get all of the water your body needs on a daily basis. Change up how you get some of your water so that it doesn’t become a chore. Then, once you have a routine down, stick with it. Your oral health and your overall health will thank you for it.