dental feerDo you have times where you are nervous about going to see the dentist, or have you put off going for a while because you fear the dentist’s chair? If so, then know you are not alone. There are many people who get nervous about seeing the dentist. The problem is, if you let your fear control you, you may miss out on some opportunities to help recover your oral health by waiting too long. Dental fears can be overcome, but you need to let your dentist know what is going on so they can help.

Not Getting Dental Care Means Poor Health

If dental fears have kept you from going to the dentist, then your oral health may already be at risk. However, that is not the only risk you face. Did you know that the health of your mouth says a lot about the health of your entire body? In fact, there are several parts of your body that can become unhealthy if you let your oral health decline. Things like heart disease and stroke become more likely. You may be more likely to suffer from dementia or Alzheimer’s disease if you neglect your oral health. It can also exacerbate other health issues, such as diabetes.

On top of these other ailments being more abundant, you also lose the health of your mouth. Your teeth will begin to develop cavities which will become tooth decay. As this progresses, you will develop gum disease, which can further damage your teeth. They can become sensitive to anything you eat or drink, plus they can also begin to get loose and fall out. Not only your teeth and gums are affected when you are too nervous to go to the dentist. It can also cause problems with your jaw, and it can even lead to infections in your mouth or elsewhere in your body.

Overcoming a Fear of the Dentist Is Possible

When fear of the dentist keeps you from optimal oral health, then you need to discuss this with your dentist. Schedule an appointment to go in and simply speak with your dentist. Tell them what it is you are afraid of, and let them tell you the solutions they can provide. If you fear the unknown aspects of going to the dentist, then having a deeper explanation of what procedures are and what will happen during them can help. For those who fear the pain, sedation and numbing agents may be the perfect solution. Some people simply are afraid because of the noise of the drill. In cases like this, headsets with music or a television show in the background can be a perfect solution.

Giving up on your oral health is not an option. It can lead to far too many negative in your life. However, letting go of your fear is not as easy as deciding you are no longer afraid in most cases. What you need to do is make the choice to go in and speak with your dentist. Enlighten them to what is going on, and what options you have. Then, let them fill you in on what options they can add to that list. Once you get a plan worked out to help you move past your fear, make your first appointment. Go in, and simply get a cleaning done. Take small steps and let the dentist talk you through it. By taking slow steps, you can build up a rapport with your dentist, and your dental fears will naturally go down. You can get back in to the dentist, but you have to approach the situation carefully.