technology and dentistry

“Technology connects us. Technology unites us. Technology amplifies our power.”

Vivienne Harr

Advancements in technology have revolutionized human lives completely. We hear every day about inventions that are transforming how we look at the universe. The field of medical sciences in general and dentistry in particular has been no different.

From unraveling the human genome and making it available on the internet to using robots and state of the art technology in order to perform certain complicated procedure, technology has worked wonders for doctors and patients alike.

Our discussion today is about some of the inventions in dentistry that have made treatment more effective and simple.

Digital Dentistry

One of the most amazing things about the field of dentistry, according to the experts who know it, is the way techniques and concepts from around the world are embraced and implemented here. Traditional dentistry used to be a painful and time consuming process where even initiating a simple process like fitting braces could take anywhere between 3-4 weeks. Today however, things are much different. Dentists can take digital X-rays which are much less harmful than traditional ones. These images are then directly uploaded to a CAD/CAM software which can render a complete model of the teeth in a few hours.

Furthermore, these scans today are also quite accurate in identification and prevention of ailments, cavities and other harmful elements that might be residing in your oral cavity. VELscope devices can help pick up unhealthy tissue growth making the early diagnosis of oral cancer a possibility.


Although Invisalign has been around for a while now, it is one of the technologies that deserve a mention here. It has completely transformed the way a patient corrects their million dollar smile. It effectively frees people from the laborious process of supporting metal braces. Clear plastic trays help to gradually straighten out crooked tooth with minimal pain or invasive procedures.

Laser Dentistry

Lasers have been a technological invention that has come in quite handy in the medical realms. They can be used to perform aesthetic procedures as well as minor surgeries. The use of these high intensity light emitting diodes means that there is less pain involved, the chances of contamination and infection are lowered and recurrence of the problem is minimized considerably.

3D Printing

This might be considered the most influential and useful technological innovation in the field of medicine as a whole. Researchers and scientists have used this technique to synthesize entire tissues and the possibilities of printing fully functional organs now looks like a possibility. Now while this is yet to become a reality, dentists and orthodontists are using 3D printing and continuous liquid interface production to create models, implants, crowns and other necessary pieces to help fix smiles around the world. The process is time and cost efficient as well as extremely feasible because replacements to damaged teeth and oral cavity can be made effectively.

Quick diagnosis and relief applications

Lastly there has been extensive development on digital frontiers in dentistry. Creative gadgets and applications are now making it possible for patients to scan and indentify small problems on their own. This means that in case you wake up in the middle of the night with a severe complain of toothache, you don’t have to writhe in agony until the time you can visit a dentist which is going to be the next day. Your toothbrush could scan and identify the problem for you so that you can take temporary remedies to ease the pain.

While there is a plethora of other advancements that have changed the face of dentistry, the ones discussed above give a comprehensive overview of how the field has changed. In order to discuss your specific Huntsville Family Dentistry issues or to get an appointment with our proficient professionals, get in touch with us at Complete Dental today.