kid brushing teethWhen you begin good dental habits at an early age, it leads to better overall oral health more often than not. That is because kids learn when they are young that their teeth and mouth in general are important. They understand how and why to brush, and that going in to see the dentist helps them stay healthy. We show them that going to the doctor is invaluable when sick and when well, so we need to do the same with doctors. Here are some great points that seeing the dentist regularly, and good dental habits can bring to your child’s life.

Early Good Dental Habits Promotes a Lifetime of Good Oral Hygiene

It is really difficult to change habits once people get to be adults. That is not to say it cannot happen, but it takes much more time and effort. This can be used in a positive way, as well, however. If you establish those habits when your child is young, your child is much less likely to take that time and effort to change out of those habits. They will keep brushing, flossing, and going to the dentist because it is habit. This means they will get things treated earlier, causing less damage to their mouths, and have better overall oral health.

The More Often They See the Dentist, The Less Anxiety They Are Likely to Experience

Another benefit of teaching good dental habits young is that your child learns to appreciate the dentist. They are important people in your child’s life. All they want is to help your child stay healthy and feel good. However, because of some of the procedures they need to do, many children develop a fear of the dentist. If you teach them young that going to the dentist is good, positive, and important, they are much less likely to suddenly develop any type of dental anxiety as they grow. They will already have a bond with the dentist and feel safe talking about problems with him or her.

Remember, Your Child Learns from Your Example

One thing to keep in mind is that your child learns on a daily basis from your example. They need to see you practice what you preach, so to speak. If you tell them that caring for their teeth twice a day is important, but they never see you brush, they will not put as much effort into it, and may eventually stop doing it altogether. Plus, if you tell them that going in and seeing the dentist is important, they need to see you going, too. Kids pick up on a lot. The more we show them that we can do things as their role model, the more they will do those things as well. When it comes to developing positive dental habits, they need to see you doing them, too. Be that role model for them that shows them how important your oral health is.

Drink water, avoid anything that could damage your mouth, brush twice and floss once daily, and go see your dentist every six months. They will follow your lead and do what they see you doing without much hesitation. Kids want to please those around them by default. If you show them that taking care of their entire body, including their oral health, is important, they will value the habits that allow them to do that as much as you do. If you are not sure how else to set a positive example for them, call your dentist today. They can help!