make brushing more fun

For most people, the entire routine of oral hygiene is not only boring, but also just part of their daily habits. They do not think about it much, but they also don’t get excited to do it. This should not be the case. It is about ten minutes of your day that you are proactively taking care of your body. This should be something that makes you excited. If your oral hygiene routine has gotten a bit stale, it is time to make the entire process a bit more fun. Here are a few things that can help.

Consider a Brushing App

There are a bunch of different apps on the market for brushing. Most of them are geared towards children, but not all of them. If you have children, both of you brushing at the same time to a fun app on your phone, can make brushing enjoyable instead of a chore, especially for kids. You can sing and dance along with the app while also making sure you brush for the full two minutes. One of the biggest reasons people get cavities is because they leave debris behind on their teeth from ineffective brushing. If you brush long enough, this could help reduce your chances of having a cavity. For those without kids, you can also try using apps. They can help you track when you brush, how long you brushed for, and when you last flossed. Remember, that should be done each and every day!

Change Up Your Toothpaste Flavor

One fun way of making brushing your teeth more fun is to change up the traditional flavors you use for your toothpaste. Most people have tried the myriad of mint options on the market, and some have even gone so far as to try the bubble gum and cinnamon flavors. However, there are more options than just those. You can also try different food flavors, like cupcake, pickle, coffee, and bacon flavored toothpastes. If you want something more herbal, there are also jasmine and lavender varieties. You can get toothpaste in many fruit flavors, such as peach, strawberry, and grape. Plus, you can also go wild with your flavor options. Go out on a limb and try whiskey or scotch flavored toothpaste, chocolate flavored toothpaste, or even coffee flavored toothpaste. The possibilities are endless.

Use Different Devices to Clean Your Mouth

Instead of using traditional floss, an old-fashioned toothbrush, and an old glass cup for your mouthwash, change it up. Give a water flosser a try. This allows you to use a gentle jet of water and get between each of your teeth and push the debris out. It is just as effective as flossing when done right, and can be faster plus more fun. You can also add mouthwash into the reservoir instead of water if you want to get the antibacterial benefits between each of your teeth. The same goes with an electric toothbrush. You have everything from battery powered options up through the ones you charge each night to make sure they are ready whenever you are. The powered devices work more effectively at cleaning the inside of your mouth than old-fashioned options do, which makes visits to our office easier in most cases.

If you want more ideas on how to make taking care of your mouth just a little more fun, then give us a call. We can talk with you at your next appointment about what things we do to make brushing more fun for ourselves, which may provide you with a few additional ideas!