senior dental care

Our teeth are amazingly strong. They can bear pressure of up to 200 pounds. However, by ignoring oral hygiene, you’re likely to experience a few dental problems.

The rate of tooth decay in seniors is higher than their younger counterparts. Senior citizens are particularly susceptible to dental diseases. The main target of area dental diseases in older adults is near the gum line and the area around the neck.

That’s why the Huntsville family dentistry experts recommend regular dental visits. Senior individuals who get dental checkup regularly can enjoy perfectly white teeth without any dental issues.

Routine Dental Care: The Pillar of Dental Health

Routine dental checkups can prevent a lot of problems in the long run. The gum tissue recedes with age and exposes the soft root tissues. The natural attrition of tooth cannot be prevented. However, routine dental checkup can minimize the damage to the teeth.

During a routine dental checkup, the dental expert will closely inspect the teeth to look for any signs of dental problems.

The dentist will perform diagnostic X-Rays to detect cavities early. In this way, any dental problem can be caught early, which will prevent extensive damage to the teeth. The doctor can perform dental scaling to remove plaque or root canal to remove the tooth in case of extensive tooth damage. Timely action can avoid an infection from spreading and causing further damage.

Apart from regular dental visits, the Huntsville family dentistry experts also recommend preventive care to prevent dental diseases. Here are some tips that can reduce the rate of dental decay and avoid diseases.

1. Avoid Sugary Food Items

You need to maintain a healthy diet to ensure flawless teeth even during old age. Avoid sugary food items since sugar is especially damaging to the teeth. In addition, simple carbs that are converted into sugar can cause damage to the teeth.

2. Limit Intake of Acidic Drinks

Acidic drinks such as processed fruit juices and sodas can also cause damage to the teeth. While there is nothing wrong with drinking them occasionally, sipping them every day can cause major damage to the teeth. The drinks can expose the teeth to acid attacks that lead to the development of cavities.

3. Get Recommended Amount of Calcium

You also need to get your recommended daily amount of calcium. Good sources of calcium include kale, broccoli, greens, and mustard. Canned salmon and sardines are also a great source of calcium.

4. Brush Regularly

Lastly, you should brush at least twice every day using fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride seeps into the teeth enamel, making it strong. Using fluoride toothpaste will make the teeth more resistant to decay.

Summing it All Up

The health of your teeth is tied to your habits. You need to ensure that you adopt good oral hygiene such as brushing your teeth regularly, eating a healthy diet, and scheduling regular dental checkup. This will allow you to enjoy flawless smile even after 60.

A lot of evidence suggests that gum inflammation and different diseases such as stroke, diabetes, respiratory issues, and other serious conditions can be prevented through proper oral hygiene.

So taking care of your teeth not only provides aesthetic benefits, but it also allows you to maintain a perfect smile and a healthy body.