wisdom teeth

Have you recently have your wisdom tooth removed? If this is the case, you should take precautions for a few weeks after surgery.

Post-wisdom tooth removal care is important to ensure proper recovery. Here are some post-wisdom tooth removal tips from Huntsville Family Dentistry experts to ensure proper recovery after surgery.

1. Apply Ice to the Extraction Site

Apply ice to the cheek closest to the area where wisdom tooth was removed. You should apply the ice after a day after the wisdom tooth extraction.

To avoid any discomfort, you should wrap the ice in a cloth. Also, you should not touch the area for more than 20 minutes at a time. Consider buying a face wrap that will keep the area iced without having to hold it with your hand.

2. Avoid Strenuous Exercise

Resting is important for proper recovery after wisdom tooth removal. You should rest as often as possible after the dental surgery. Avoid exercising for at least a week after the procedure.

When resting, you should keep your head elevated. Use pillows to prop up your head when in bed or lying on the sofa.

3. Keep the Surgical Area Cleaned

After removal of the wisdom teeth, it’s critical that you keep the area cleaned. You need to take extra care for about six weeks after the surgery.

Avoid touching the vacant area in the mouth with your hands. Also, you should prevent food debris from getting near the area.

Consider rinsing your mouth with salt water two times a day. Keeping the area around the wound clean will avoid the formation of bacteria. Good oral hygiene will prevent serious tooth infection.

4. Massage Your Mouth

The mouth remains wide open for hours during dental surgery. This can lead to sore muscles or myofascial pain.

To lessen the pain after surgery, you should consider massaging the muscles in the jaw that is used to chew. Massaging the area will help you recover faster after the surgery. It will help release any pressure or tension inside the jaw.

5. Eat a Liquid Diet

A liquid diet is important after the first 24 hours after surgery. Drink lots of fluids. But don’t use a straw to drink since the suction from the straw can loosen blood clots. It will also expose the nerves and the bone creating a painful sensation.

You should also eat a soft food diet during the first five days after wisdom tooth removal. Consider eating mashed potatoes, pasta, and other food items that don’t require excessive chewing.

6. Avoid Smoking or Drinking

You should avoid smoking or drinking alcohol after the removal of your wisdom teeth. Chewing or smoking tobacco will dry the area. This will slow down the healing process after extraction.

Drinking alcohol also increases the risk of infection. That’s why it’s critical that you don’t drink after extraction of the wisdom tooth.

7. Keep Hydrated

Your mouth will feel sore after wisdom tooth removal. You may want to breathe through your mouth to relieve soreness. But this will only dry out the mouth.

You should avoid breathing through the mouth for some days after extraction of the wisdom tooth. Dryness of the mouth can disrupt the pH balance inside the mouth. This will allow the bacteria causing the cavity to multiple inside the mount causing the risk of infection.

In case you suffer from sinusitis, and you have to breathe through your mouth, you should consider using a moisturizer such as Biotene Gel. This will prevent your mouth from becoming dry thereby helping you recover faster.