sanitizing your toothbrushAsk your Huntsville Dentist and you will hear “having a sanitary toothbrush is important when it comes to keeping your mouth as clean as possible”. If you keep using a dirty toothbrush, you can be putting germs back into your mouth day after day. This can increase your chances of developing cavities, getting gum disease, and even tooth loss. Instead of potentially using a dirty toothbrush, one way to avoid that is to keep your toothbrush sanitary. Here are some of the best, and easiest ways of sanitizing your toothbrush.

Your Dishwasher Can Sanitize Your Toothbrush

When you want a clean and sanitary toothbrush, one of the fastest and easiest places to turn is your dishwasher. For standard toothbrushes, place them on the upper rack and run it as you normally would. For electric toothbrushes, detach the head and wash that. This can be done as often as you want, from daily to weekly. Make sure you still replace your toothbrush every three months, or as often as your dentist recommends.

Mouthwash Can Also Help You Sanitize Your Toothbrush

If you have a small jar or cup that you store your toothbrush in, you may want to consider using an antimicrobial mouthwash to sanitize your toothbrush. Once you are done using your toothbrush, put the head into a fresh bit of mouthwash. When it comes time to brush again, dump out the old mouthwash and use your toothbrush. When you are done, rinse your toothbrush and the cup, then add new mouthwash into the cup to store your toothbrush head. The mouthwash should be dumped out each time and replaced with new so that there is zero chance of you have any bacteria in or around where you store your toothbrush.

Hydrogen Peroxide Can Also Keep Your Toothbrush Sanitized

For those who don’t want to use mouthwash, you can use a little hydrogen peroxide instead. This should be used in the same manner as mouthwash, with one exception. When you remove your toothbrush from the liquid and dispose of it, you need to make sure to rinse your toothbrush before using it. Then, you would go through the same steps as you did with the mouthwash, storing your toothbrush in the peroxide until you needed it again.

Boiling Water Works When All Else Fails

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of rinsing off your toothbrush and changing out the storage liquid, you can also opt to boil your toothbrush. This means you put the toothbrush into a clean cup or mug that is capable of holding boiling water, head down. Then, you boil up a bit of water. You need to then pour the boiling water over your toothbrush and let it sit for at least 3 minutes. Once you remove the toothbrush and it has cooled off, it will be sanitary and ready for use.

Once you start sanitizing your toothbrush, you should notice that your mouth begins to remain healthier. This should give you better reports when you go in for your dental checkups. Talk with your dentist the next time you go in, and see what alternatives they have in terms of how to keep your toothbrush clean and sanitary. They may suggest you going out to get a toothbrush sanitizer, but most of the times, these devices are not necessary. By taking the time to make sure your toothbrush is regularly sanitized through any one of these methods, you can avoid the cost of a sanitizer, and keep your oral health going strong. Decrease the chances of anything going wrong in your mouth, and increase your chances of a great report from your dentist. It only takes a few minutes a week!