lady with vaneersWhen you have an imperfect smile, you are far more likely to cover it or hide it. This can directly impact how much, or how little, confidence you have. Some imperfections are easy to correct, while others can be a bit more difficult, which can leave people feeling hopeless about having a perfect smile. Instead of feeling hopeless, consider the options you have. There are many different problems that a set of dental veneers can help cover up. Would these be an ideal option for you?

Types of Problems Veneers Were Built For

Dental veneers are essentially thin sheets that sit on your natural teeth. They are made of porcelain in most instances, which allows them to look totally natural and blend with many colors of natural teeth. They are thin, but they are quite durable, especially when cared for properly. That is part of what makes them such a great option for dental imperfections.

One of the best things that veneers can help with is stained or discolored teeth. They sit on top of the natural tooth, giving it a totally new look. Instead of seeing dark spots or stains on your teeth, when you smile, you will see shiny white teeth. If you care for them properly, they can look nice and white for years to come.

Another great use for dental veneers is covering up gaps or crooked teeth. When you have two teeth that do not sit perfectly together, this can cause a problem. It can look unsightly, or it can leave you facing higher instances of cavities and tooth decay. By having a veneer over this area, you cover up the problem safely. This gives you a unified, beautiful looking set of teeth, plus you do not have the same risk of having anything get stuck between those teeth, leading to decay.

Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth can also get a facelift by applying dental veneers. They are a full sheet of porcelain on each tooth, so any minor crack or chip can quickly and easily get covered. You can come in and see us with chips, and once the application is over, walk out with a beautiful smile you are proud of, all thanks to veneers. They are a great option, and one you may want to give some serious thought to.

Things to Understand About Dental Veneers

There are a few things that you need to make sure you know before deciding that dental veneers are ideal for you. First, once you get them, you have to keep them on for the rest of your life. You will have to replace them down the line, but you cannot go without them. It requires taking a small amount of your tooth off to apply the veneer, which means that without the veneer, your teeth will be incredibly sensitive.

Second, you need to treat veneers carefully. They can stain and chip, just like real teeth. They do need you to care for them in much the same way you would your teeth, so be gentle and kind to them. Finally, they take a few appointments to get. The first appointment will help us figure out which teeth to place the veneers on and make the mold. The final appointment will be placing your veneers and shaping them for the perfect fit. There may be one in the middle, should you need it, but that is not always required.

If you want to find out more about veneers, call us. We would love to help give you an idea of how your teeth could look if your imperfections became a thing of the past.