brushing your tongueThere are some regular components of taking care of your mouth. This includes brushing your teeth at least two times each day. Typically, this is done in the morning and at night. You should also floss between your teeth once each day, and rinse with a good mouthwash at least one time each day. However, these are not the only things that you need to do each day to help maintain your mouth. You also need to make sure you are brushing your tongue whenever you brush your teeth.

What Does Your Tongue Have to Do with a Clean Mouth?

Your tongue is a muscle with a bunch of nooks and crannies all over it, better known as taste buds. These little bumps all over our tongues can harbor a lot of debris and bacteria. When we do not brush our tongues off, those bacteria continue to grow. Even if you get the rest of your mouth really clean, you simply redeposit the bacteria right back on to your gums and teeth as soon as you are done brushing if you did not get your tongue clean. This leaves you susceptible to many different problems.

Your Mouth Could Get Very Sick if You Avoid Brushing Your Tongue

When you neglect brushing your tongue, one of the first thing that happens is that your risk of gum disease rises drastically. Since the bacteria simply get redeposited back on your teeth and gums as soon as you stop brushing, your gums never really get a break. The longer you go between times of brushing, the more detritus you put back on those clean surfaces of your mouth. You can cut your risk of gum disease drastically by simply remembering to brush your tongue twice each day.

You Could Develop Oral Thrush

Have you ever noticed small white patches anywhere on your tongue? This could be a symptom that you struggle with oral thrush. It usually looks a lot like cottage cheese, and most often shows up on your tongue. However, it can also be on your cheeks or the roof of your mouth. It is a bacterial infection that requires treatment, and can come as a result of too much bacteria in the mouth. If you do not brush your tongue, this can happen and result in having sore areas around your mouth.

Germs on Your Tongue Lead to Bad Breath

One of the things you may not connect is that if you forget to brush your tongue, it can lead to some seriously bad breath. Your breath is simply air passing out of your mouth, passing all of the components of your mouth as it moves. What you smell is what the air picks up as it moves. If you have a lot of bacteria, then the air will pick up on this smell and it will make your breath smell like the bacteria. This is not a pleasant smell by any means.

Your tongue is an important part of your mouth. You need to make sure you take care of it. It can quickly become the source of numerous problems if you neglect caring for it as you should. It is easy to tend to your tongue if you make it a regular part of your brushing routine. Each time you brush, just make sure that you brush your tongue at the same time. You need to brush the taste buds, and both sides of your tongue to get all of those germs off. Then, rinse when you are done so you can make sure to kill off anything you may have missed!