healthy teethHaving good oral health is incredibly important. A healthy, white smile says a lot about you to others. However, having good oral health is more important to your overall health than you may realize. There are many different health issues that can be made worse by not taking care of your mouth. Things like heart disease and even possibly Alzheimer’s disease can be made worse when you have poor oral health. If you want to keep up with your oral health, here are a few beverages that you should make sure are staples of your daily diet.

Tea is Great for Your Oral and Overall Health

When you drink tea, it helps boost your oral health. However, it does more than that. Having green or black tea reduces inflammation in your mouth and all around your body. Plus, when in your mouth, it helps reduce the chances of you developing cavities. The more tea you drink, the healthier your teeth and gums will remain. Tea is great at reducing gum swelling, and keeping gum disease down. This is the drink of choice when you are going through periodontal appointments for a reason. Try and drink tea all throughout the day if possible. Your mouth, along with the rest of you, will thank you for it.

Water is Something Most People Need to Drink More Of

We have all heard people say how the body is made up mostly of water. This is very true, and water is a very important component in keeping our bodies healthy. Gums, teeth, and the rest of the body all survive off of water. If we do not drink enough, there is a reason we could get sick. The rule is that you should have eight glasses of water per day, and those glasses should be eight ounces each. However, that is not always enough. Sometimes you need to have a bit more water in your system. When you are sick, taking certain medications, working out, or out in the sun or heat, you need to up how much water you drink each day. Turning to a sports drink should not be an option, as that can really hurt your overall oral health. Drink water whenever you get thirsty, and let your mouth reap the rewards.

Coconut Water is Great for Hydrating the Body

When you want something that can naturally replenish your body the way a sports drink artificially does, then you want to try drinking coconut water. It provides all of the same benefits that you would get out of a sports drink, without the harmful acids that sports drinks have. Each time you drink a sports drink, it is like bathing your teeth in acid. This can eat away at your enamel, and leave you with some very sensitive teeth. Everything could hurt, from eating to drinking, and even breathing if it is really cold outside. Instead, reach for the coconut water and fill your body with the right replacement chemicals. Your body, especially the enamel on your teeth, will thank you for it.

When you drink these beverages, most, if not all of the time, it can greatly impact your oral health. Consider making these the staples you keep in your house. The more of them you have around, the more likely you are to grab one when you need something to drink. Try drinking the different options cool, warm, or with a splash of fruit. Once you find the way you like them best, you can go from there, enjoying them on a regular basis!