best and worst foods for your dental healthIf you are hoping to have a healthy smile this holiday season, then there are a few things you need to do. First, you need to make sure you keep up with your oral hygiene routine. Second, you need to come in and see us to make sure your mouth is healthy to start. Finally, you need to make sure you eat the right foods to keep your mouth healthy. You want to eat lots of vegetables and protein, plus calcium-rich foods. Plus, you want to avoid foods that can damage your oral health.

Foods That Can Cause Your Oral Health to Decline

The first type of food you want to avoid for a healthy smile this holiday season is candy. This bombardment of sugar is not going to do your body any good, let alone your mouth. Candy, especially hard candy, simply sits in your mouth, filling it with sugar. This coats your teeth in something the bacteria love to eat. The more the bacteria eat, the more acid sits on your teeth, and the more likely you are to get acid eroding your enamel and cavities.

Another food you want to avoid for a nice holiday smile is caramel. This also coats your teeth with sugar which can erode your enamel and cause cavities. However, caramel has a second problem – it sticks. This means that every little divot in your mouth, every crevice in your teeth, is a sticking spot for this sticky candy. It can sit there and keep causing damage, when other sugar may be washed away. You want to avoid sticky sweets whenever you can, because even brushing doesn’t always get them off.

White wine should also be avoided if you want a healthy smile. White wine specifically has a higher amount of acid in it. This can erode your enamel, just like the acid bacteria leave behind. If you really want the occasional glass of wine, opt for red. It has been shown to help decrease how many bacteria you have floating around your mouth, instead of adding to them.

Foods to Eat to Boost Your Oral Health

If you want to eat things that can improve your oral health instead, then there are quite a few options for you to consider. First, think about eating as many vegetables as you can. These are great for your entire body, including your mouth. Your oral health can increase just by increasing how many vegetables you regularly eat because of the nutritional benefits you get out of veggies.

Second, dairy is another great option. It helps your teeth get strong, and leaves them in better condition after eating them than before. You should focus on yogurt, cheese, and white milk when you consume dairy. These all allow you to get stronger, healthier teeth each time you eat them.

Finally, you should also include nuts in your diet when you want a healthier smile. They help clean your teeth as you chew them, plus they offer a lot of protein and nutrients. The fatty acids you get out of nuts can keep gum disease at bay, too!

When you want a happy, healthy smile to show off this holiday season, make sure you fill your body with the right foods, and keep the wrong foods to a minimum. These foods are simply a guide. If the food is not good for your body, chances are, it is not good for your mouth either. Avoid these items whenever you can, so you can have a bright, healthy smile to show friends and family all season long.