digital dental x-rayWhen you go in and see your dentist, chances are, you have some x-rays taken of your mouth. They can be traditional, but in most offices, you will find digital x-rays are the preferred choice. Digital x-rays allow your dentist to be able to see what is going on within your mouth now, not in a few minutes when they can get the films developed. Plus, you can get different angles when opting for digital x-rays. There are many benefits to opting for digital x-rays instead of the traditional ones. Here are some that you should know about.

Dentists Can See in Greater Details with Digital X-rays

In days of old, x-rays were really hard to see. The black, white, and grayscale of the films were blurry, and made spotting problems relatively hit or miss. Today, with the advances in digital x-rays, you can get a much clearer picture of what is going on within your mouth. You can take the same angle of x-ray as the more traditional films, but what you get is a sharp picture of all of your mouth’s structures. You can see the teeth, gum tissue lines, jawbone, and the cavities of your sinus and jaw that surround your teeth directly. Each of these items can be seen with a type of clarity that old x-rays could have only dreamed of.

You Get Better Care with Digital X-rays

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using digital x-rays is that your care gets better when you opt to go with digital x-rays. Your dentist can see changes in your mouth sooner, plus they can see exact proportions of what areas are causing problems. There are multiple types of digital x-rays, from panoramic where they get to see your entire mouth at once, to cone beam where they can see a 3D rendering of your tooth instantly. These different options allow them to see what is going on in, and outside, of every tooth you have. This helps them treat the issues you have with precision, and leave you healthier. Plus, you don’t get exposed to the same level of radiation like you did with traditional x-rays.

It Makes Life Easier, Too

Films used to be exactly that, literal films of what the inside of your mouth looked like. If you went to a different dentist, those films had to be either, picked up and brought to a new dentist physically, or mailed, which could pose its own set of problems. Now, if you need to get a second opinion or if you move and go to a new dentist, your digital x-rays could be sent to the other dentist in a matter of seconds, and you can then be ready to begin your examination. This makes life easier for your dentist, as well as for you because now you can have a team of dentists working on your case instead of just the one you normally see.

Digital X-rays Are Less Expensive

Since not everyone has dental insurance that covers all of their procedures, sometimes costs can become a factor. Since less equipment is needed for taking and viewing digital x-rays, the cost of them being taken is less than ever. Plus, with your dentist only needing a hard drive to store them on, they can pass along the savings to you for not having to take up a room with a massive filing cabinet to store them in anymore.

To find out more about what benefits you would get from choosing digital x-rays, ask your dentist upon your next visit. In this particular case, you can get the best of all worlds!